Independence angel essay

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The independence Angel

Who was the artist that designed it? When was it first exhibit?

The independence angel is one of the most important Mexican symbols, it is ubicated in Paseo de la Reforma . It is a monument to the independence.
Since the president SantaAnna there a few proyect to represent the independce of the country , the main idea was to built a column in what we know nowadays aszocalo , but some difficulties , like the end of SantaAna’s goberment , and then the fall of the second empire , gave as a result that in 1902 when Porfirio Diaz arrived to the power , the place changed to a big roundabout near downtown.
The first stone of this document was placed by Porfirio Diaz , in January the second of 1902, and it was officially inaugurated in 1910 .The director of thisproyect was the architect Antonio Rivas Mercado , he was the architect and designer of the marmol column, Enrique Alciati was the encharged of the sculptures and reliefs in the bottom of the column and Roberto Gayol was in charged of the civil works.
In 1923 it was adapted to keep the remains of the independence war heroes.
Years later, in 1957, the monument to Independence, popularly known as“The Angel” lived its hardest moment when the golden sculpture fell off the column as a consequence of a strong earthquake. Nevertheless, to the delight of the people, the sculpture was replaced a short time after and has stayed where it belongs ever since.
An eternal flame honoring these heroes was installed in the base of the column at the order of President Emilio Portes Gil in 1929.

Whatstyle is it?

The column belongs to the Corinthian style, which is one of the three principal classical orders of ancient Greek and roman architecture. During the renaissance this style and others were revived. The Corinthian is the most ornated of all the orders, characterized by fluted columns, and elaborated capitals decorated with acanthus , leaves and scrolls.
The column has four PorfirioDíaz –styled eagles. In the top there is a winged Victoria Alada, that people commonly name “The Angel”, this “angel” has a laurels crown and in the other hand a broken chain, both of them are symbols of freedom.
It is about 36 meters tall , made of bronze and coated with a 24 kilts gold layer.
The final structure consists of a base with four vertices, each with a Florentine bronze sculpture,representing Peace, Justice, War and Law. Another sculpture of the same material can be observed; a lion guided by a child, evoking the virtue of strength in war and peace.

It is accompanied by other sculptures representing the heroes of Independence: Miguel Hidalgo, Vicente Guerrero, José María Morelos y Pavón, Nicolás Bravo and Francisco Javier Mina; and two female figures at the side of theNation’s Father, representing history and the nation.
The sculpture at the top is a replica of an artwork that rests at the Louvre museum in Paris.
The original sculpture belongs to the Hellenistic period, and in was discovered in 1863 in Samoracia, an island part of Greece.
In the end of the XIX century, Rivas inspired by some famous columns around the world like the Trajano’s in Rome , ThePlace Vendome in Paris, and the Alexander in San Petersburg. All this columns were built to commemorate a politic victory of an ideal in it respective country. Also the independence Angel was built to commemorate the centennial of the Independence of Mexico.
The Angel symbolizes the Winged Victory, a work by Enrique Alciati. Constructed in bronze and covered in gold, it is 22 feet high and weighsapproximately 7 tons.

Explain how this style can be seen in the Independence Angel.
The column belongs to Corinthian style and we can mainly see this in the column capital where there are a lot of decorations , flowers, leaves , arches . Also the shaft is decorated with vertical lines and wit squares with the name of the heroes on them. And of course all the parts we’ll explain also...
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