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  • Publicado : 13 de julio de 2010
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July 20, 2010 is the date when Colombians are celebrating their country's bicentennial of independence. Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango has created a webpage where the library, with the collaboration ofother local institutions, is compiling historical documents, biographies, memoirs, maps, history of local habits, and other materials related to the history of the country and its independenceprocess. According to the library, the original of the Declaration of Independence was burnt in a fire at Galerias del Cabildo in 1900 but a copy was published in 1872 on Diario de Cundinamarca which isalso available on the webpage. The main idea of this project is to make available to the public as much information as possible regarding to the independence of Colombia.
The bicentennial webpage byBiblioteca Luis Angel Arango is nicely done, and visitors can find literature about Simon Bolivar (El Libertador), gravures of local habits, maps of Colombia since its discovery, besides of informationin how locals used to live in the past. A material that called my attention was Diario de la independencia by José Maria Caballero, where the author writes about facts he witnessed during theindependence process and describes several occasions when Colombia experienced earthquakes. The author even enumerated the fallen and damaged buildings and people that died or were injured in consequence ofone of these events. In brief summary, the webpage contains information for students, researchers, or anybody interested in learning about the history of Colombia. The library continues adding materialthere.
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20 de julio de 2010 es la fecha en que los colombianos celebran el bicentenario de la independencia de su país. La Biblioteca Luis que Ángel Arango ha creado unapágina Web donde la biblioteca, con la colaboración de otras instituciones locales, compila documentos históricos, biografías, memorias, mapas, la historia de hábitos locales y otros materiales...
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