Inderect questions

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Indirect Questions
Start the sentence with the words given in parentheses.

Principio del formulario
1. Who built that enormous bridge? (I wonder who built enourmous bridge
2. What'sBrazil like? (I want to find out what brazil lake is?
3. Did Benjamin Franklin write 'Poor Richard's Almanac'? (I can't remember benjamín franklin wrote…….
4. How do you do it? (Can you tell me doyou it
5. Who did you meet at the party? (I'd like who you metes at the party
6. How long have you been waiting for me? (I wonder how long you have been waiting for me
7. What happened tothem? (Nobody cares what happened to them
8. How important is that meeting to the company? (Can you tell me how important that meeting to the company is
9. When was the film produced? (Nobodyremembers when the film was produced
10. Have they flown an ultralight too? (I don't know if they have flow an ultralight too?
11. What is it called in English? (I can't remember what it calledin english is?
12. Should people be allowed to smoke in public places? (I'd like to know should people be allowed to smoke in public places?
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Write indirect questions.
1. Have you ever been to Kapadokya?
          I wonder you have ever been to kapadokya
    2.   Who scoredFenerbaçe’s first goal last night?
          Do you know who scored fenerbace first goal last night is?
    3.   When is Hakan going to move to Ankara?
          I have no idea when hakan going to moveto Ankara is?
    4.   Who brought this computer to the office?
          I want to know who brought this computer to the office?
    5.   Does your new girlfriend smoke?
         I wonder yournews girlfriend smoke
    6.  How many times has Mel been to Bodrum?
        Could you tell me how many has times mel been to bodrum?
    7.  Can she play the guitar?
         I wonder she can...
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