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The torch represents liberty and enlightenment. Its flames' rays symbolize its far-reaching influence. The outer circle of 13 stars stand for the 13 original colonies of the United States. The inner half-circle of five stars signify the next five states to join the Union. The large star above the torch symbolizes Indiana as the 19th state admitted to the Union.

Indiana Isone of the 50 states of the United States, Located in the region Midwest. In the country, whose capital is Indianapolis, It is the 15th state population, With about 6.3 million inhabitants, and 38 degrees in size, which it ranks 17th in population density. After Hawaii, Indiana is the smallest state in the United States located west of Appalachians.
Indiana is covered mostly by plains. Much of thestate has ground quite even, a soil fertile, which encouraged the practice of agriculture in the region. Currently, Indiana is a great producer wheat and corn U.S.
The word Indiana means "lands Indians". The nickname Indiana is The Hoosier State (The inhabitants of the state are known nationally as Hoosiers.) The origin of this nickname is unknown, and there are various theories about itsorigin. One is that the word Hoosier comes from Samuel Hoosier, a businessman who had a habit of hiring employees originating in Indiana. Other theories attribute the origin of the word to a jargon local, possibly (hushed or hoozer).
At first, Indiana was part of the colony French of New France. In 1763 The region came under the control British. After the end of the 1776 War of Independence The currentIndiana passed into the hands of Americans, initially as part of Northwest Territory And then as its own territory. The December 11 of 1816The Indiana Territory was elevated to the status of State, after which it became the # 19 of the United States. Its strategic location gave much importance over XIX century during the movement of the expansion westward, toward the coast Pacific and thereforeadopted motto official The Crossroads of America.

Bounded on the north Indian with Lake Michigan and Michigan, On the east Ohio, Southeast and south Kentucky and west Illinois. Indiana is one of the states of Great Lakes.
The Wabash River Indiana cuts about 650 kilometers, northeast-southwest direction. It is a tributary of the Ohio River, a tributary of all time Mississippi River.The watershed the latter covers the greater part of the state. The Wabash has given its name and subject to two state songs: On the Banks of the Wabash and Wabash Cannonball.[8] [9] On the banks of White River (White River) (A tributary the Wabash, which meanders through the center of the state) are located two large cities that are Indianapolis and Muncie. Evansville, the third largest city in thestate, is located on the banks of Ohio River Which defines the entire border of Indiana to Kentucky. Another important river is the St. Joe the Wabash.
Northwest indiana
The northwest corner of the state is part of metropolitan Chicago (City located in the neighboring state of Illinois) and is therefore densely populated with over 1 million inhabitants.[10] Gary, Along with the citiesthat make up the northern half of the counties of Lake, Porter and La Porte are suburbs of Chicago. Everyone is in Central Time Zone, like Chicago are connected with the metropolis through a railroad lke South Shore Electric.

The climate Indiana is continental, which are four stations different, with summers warm and winters cold. The temperatures throughout the year, down withincreasing the latitude -Except the northwest corner of the state, where the presence of Lake Michigan means that in winter the average temperature of the region is slightly higher than in the rest of upstate. The weather is relatively unstable and can change suddenly, especially in winter. The main reason for this instability is the absence of geographical barriers in the State and its vicinity,...
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