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The republic of india salutes all the delegates and recognizes the chair and the president of this present committee; it is an honor to be part of this committee and wehope reaching a peaceful solution.
As we all know India has been recovering economically that’s why we need to find new solutions for problems like the tissuetransplants.Unfortunatelly hte use and getting of tissue organs has created a black market in which people is kidnapped for obtainig and deprived their organs. Other cases arewhen people are tricked and recieve human parts with a degenerative or veneral diseases, so people sometimes is killed among the organs they recieved. Some measurtes havebeen taken by human rights to save people that is kidnapped or cheated and people who is killed by diseases among the organs.
The Republic of India is in favour of thenew alternatives of the human tissue transplants, India is supporting Russia because of the BRIC, so both Russia an India are now implementing new alternatives to helpthe people who need this transplants. Nowadays we have the enough money to sustain the expences of the solutions we are planning to reack so we can stop with this blackmarket. We know that technology has been developing since the last centuries that’s why we think that stopping the human black market is really a very important desitionfor the world’s peace.
The solution that we plan to make and reach for this committe are two; using the tissues of animals that can be compatible and treated withspecial substances. The other solution is to use the development of the technology to reach nanotechnology pieces so we can create human tissues for sick and needed people.
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