Indicadores economicos

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Making Sense of Economics

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List of tables List of charts 1 2 3 Interpreting economic indicators Essential mechanics Measuring economic activity Omissions Output, expenditure and income Prices Putting it in context Reliability Growth: trends and cycles Nominal GDP GDP per head Real GDP GDP: outputGDP: expenditure Productivity Cyclical or leading indicators Population, employment and unemployment Population Labour or workforce Employment Unemployment and vacancies Fiscal indicators Public expenditure Government revenues Budget balance, deficit, surplus National debt; government or public debt Consumers Personal income, disposable income Consumer and personal expenditure, private consumptionPersonal and household savings; savings ratio Consumer confidence Investment and savings Fixed investment and GDFCF viii x 1 12 28 30 32 38 39 40 41 43 45 46 49 50 51 54 58 59 61 64 66 71 72 76 79 83 85 86 88 92 94 96 98







Investment intentions Stocks (inventories) National savings, savings ratio 9 Industry and commerce Business conditions; indices and surveysIndustrial and manufacturing production Capacity use and utilisation Manufacturing orders Motor vehicles Construction orders and output Housing starts, completions and sales Wholesale sales or turnover, orders and stocks Retail sales or turnover, orders and stocks 10 The balance of payments Accounting conventions Imports of goods and services Exports of goods and services Trade balance, merchandisetrade balance Current-account balance Capital- and financial-account flows International investment position (IIP) Official reserves External debt, net foreign assets 11 Exchange rates Nominal exchange rates Special drawing rights (SDRs) EMU, ecu, ERM and euro Effective exchange rates Real exchange rates; competitiveness Terms of trade 12 Money and financial markets Money supply, money stock, M0 ......