Indigo children

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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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Indigo Children

In the New Age movement, indigo children are children who are believed to represent a higher state of human evolution. This term is because these children have an indigo-coloredaura. It is believed that they have paranormal abilities like psychic powers, and others that are just more usual in non-indigo children, such as increased empathy and creativity.

The term‘indigo children’ originates from a book, written by Nancy Ann Tappe. She wrote that during the mid 1960s she noticed that many children were being born with indigo auras.

Because ofindigo children are hypersensitive, hyperactive, highly empathic and intuitive by nature they can easily sense the thoughts and feelings of others. They are also very introspective, full with astrong sense of purpose and have the feeling that they need to change the world or make a difference in it.
They like to think as an independent people and are often called “System Busters”, which meansthat they don’t like to follow patterns, methods or procedures, that’s why they often have authority and discipline problems. Another important characteristic is that they have very old, deep, wiselooking eyes.

When it comes to learn, movement is required to keep them better focused, therefore they are often misdiagnosed with psychological disorders such as ADHD, ADD and evenAutism. Even though these children prefer to be self-guided rather than directed by others, even though they are independent people and independent thinkers they need our support to discover themselves.Our world is in a constant shifting, evolution; we all know humanity is growing fast and developing. Indigo children are here to change the world, to help us with this revolution that our world isexperiencing nowadays, they are here to help us so we can live in better harmony and peace with each other and to raise the vibration of the planet with their extraordinary physical and spiritual...
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