Inditex macroenviroment

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a) Macroenvironment

o PESTEL analysis
Political legal Factors
Among the legal political factors we find the various legislations of the countries in which INDITEX operates. These rules or lawsmay be different in terms of labor laws, fiscal policy, etc.
Regulation of foreign trade is an important factor to consider, since it is a company operating in virtually all the world.
There is alsothe instability of governments where INDITEX operates

Economic Factors
Nowadays we are going through economic recession which adversely affect consumption of all types of goods throughout theworld, so that, sales of INDITEX are being reduced.
Furthermore interest rates are very low so it may be beneficial for companies to borrow time.
There are a few barriers to exit and entry into thesector.
Also we found the factors that prices are different in each country because of the different sensibility that customers have on prices. Depends on the per capita income of each countrySociocultural Factors
There is a greater concern for fashion and image and homogenization of consumer preference trends. People spend much of their money on clothes, which favors the growth of this sector.The labor market in this sector is made up mostly of women.

Technological Factors
Technological factors have increased the development of information technologies, which promotes thedissemination of information and provides a greater understanding of the brand.
On the other, in the textile there is not much innovation, it is a mature market, although the production itself could createtechnological processes to speed up the outputs of garments
It is important to remark the development of the online market.

Ecological Factors
Ecology has become a new value to take into account whenconnecting with consumers
The INDITEX strategic plan has the aim of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, increase renewable energy deployment, maximize energy efficiency in the productive...
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