Industrial engineer

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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2012
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Potential Industrial Engineers

A valuable Decision

My parents always told me that choosing my major was going to be one of the hardest decisions of my life, but for me it was pretty easy. Itwas easy because my dad encourage me to work at the age of 8 in his business. It is a sport store where I used to be the cashier and some times a seller. Working with my dad help me realize that itcould be fun if I take the good things out of it. The work I did affect my choice by teaching me the great part of solving problems. In my sophomore year of high school I already knew what my major wouldbe.
The major I chose is Industrial Engineer. The key was problem solving. Also before I started to study, I took a 6 month job with a friend of my dad at a plastic bag factory where I was anassistant to an Industrial Engineer. Two months later, she got a promotion so I took her job in the printing department of the factory, deciding on the best order of jobs that will enter in the machines,taking into consideration the introducing orders with similar colors of the ones before to save a lot of time. Industrial Engineering can help a student know little about a lot. This major includes alot of math, which I love, as well as physics, probability, economics, material chemistry, statistics, and process control the most valuable of all.
Sometimes friends ask me what an IndustrialEngineer does. It´s not easy to explain, but I just go with a simple answer: an Industrial Engineer helps companies and factories solve problem that make them lose money and time. In simpler words, wehelp solve the problems that no one else can and solve them in the simplest way possible. Not only solve problems for factories, but also can be small business or services.
My major decision not onlyinvolved the major, but also the university where I wanted to study. The Tec de Monterrey was my number one choice because it is one of the best universities for engineering. Many friends tell me...
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