Industrial revolution

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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2011
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The Industrial Revolution Began in Great Britain then spread through all Europe, North America and the trough all the world. It was a period between 1760 and 1850, which many changes occurred in manydifferent areas. This major change occurs in the sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and the technology that had a big effect on the social, economic and culturalconditions of the18th to the 19th century. This era is called revolution because those changes that this period brought influenced in many different ways nowadays, our daily life.
Before 1760 thetextiles manufacture occurred in the same artisans homes by children and women, so it was a difficult process from raw material to finish the product. In the case of woolen cloth, the wool had to beorganize, cleaned and dyed. Then they made a process to change the texture and the color of the wool.
The textile manufacturing was completing inefficient before the advances of the industrialrevolution. Changes in the textile industry occurred in 1750, but these changes were not accepted by the employed, because these machines work faster and need less artisans working. John Kay produce theflying shuttle machine that was able to do the work of two, and Lewis Paul produce the roller spinner machine that was able to make spinning more quickly. Later the roller spinner machine was perfected byRichard Arkwright. These persons were the precursors of the technological advances.
In the period of 1760 the textile industry began to experience earlier technological changes. James Hargreavesproduced a device that was able to spin efficient than more than 12 artisans. In 1788 about 20,000 of them were being employed in England. This device was produced similarly to Paul roller spinnermachine, but was more useful and with more power than could be applied by muscle. These machines can work more than a human and faster.
These inventions that were produced and employed during this period...
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