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Industrialization Essay

The industrialization, was the beginning of a new world in which the machines, took the place of many workers, one of the major problems of this was the amount ofunemployers, and with this, increasing making increasing the difference between the social classes. And the lower and middle class had to work harder, more hours, and in unsafe conditions. And the child workwas very common because all family members had to work to make enough money to live, also because with the industrialization, the cities were overcrowded so not all the children could have theopportunity to study, and they started working when they were little, such as Andrew Carniege, an immigrant who move to United States, and became working when he was 14 and with honesty and hardworking, hebecame a great businessman.
Andrew was born in England, and moved to United States when he was a young kid, because there, he and his family had more opportunities to win money because that was abiggest country and have more job opportunities. This change helps him to success, because now he had more chances to get into the industries´ business.
When he was 14, he started his first job, andeven if this could take him away of the school, he learned how the work does run and that was all the items he needed to become a skillful businessman. The fact that he started to work when he was achild, help him to advance in that field so he was more advanced than the men that started working at the age of 20.
Mr.Carniege, pass through many jobs, he was always improving his charge and the salaryhe won, he was a great worker, and he work very hard, first he work in the.... His hardworking wasn’t fruitless, because this was the main cause of his triumph, without this need of overcominghimself, he would just be a simple…
Finally, he realized that he didn’t want to work for any body, but he want to be his own master, so he opened his own factory with his partners, in this moment he...
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