Infant sexual abuse

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2010
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Infant Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse involves an adult engaging in any type of sexual activity with a child or adolescent. It may also involve an adolescent engaging in sexual activity with ayounger child. There are different forms of sexual abuse. Like other forms of abuse, it can be physical, verbal, or emotional. It may be subtle enough that a child does not know what’s happening, butonly feels uncomfortable. In many cases of sexual abuse, the child knows the offender. The offender is often someone the child trusts or loves, such as a parent, neighbor, or relative.
According tothe Massachusetts Citizens for Children and the organization Stop It Now, child sexual abuse includes: Touching behaviors such as: fondling a child’s genitals, breasts, or anus for sexual pleasure orother unnecessary reason, playing sexual games or making a child touch someone else’s genitals or inserting objects or body parts (fingers, tongue, or penis) inside the vulva, vagina, mouth, or anus ofa child, for sexual pleasure or other unnecessary reason. Non-touching behaviors such as: exposing genitals to a child, showing pornography to a child, making sexual remarks to a child, having a childpose, undress, or perform in a sexual fashion (including for photographs) or peeping into bedrooms and bathrooms.
The signs and symptoms of Child Sexual Abuse could be some like, children oftendon’t tell others about sexual abuse because they feel frightened, ashamed, and confused. Their abusers often convince them that it must be kept a secret. Physical signs are: stained, or bloody, difficultywalking or sitting, redness, pain, bleeding, or bruising in the external genital area, vagina, or anal area, unusual discharge from the vagina or anus, frequent, unexplained urinary infections orsore throats, sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy. In other hand, the emotional signs are: suicide, Lack of trust, Change in response to adults or older children (although males account for...
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