Influences in our decisions

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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2012
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Influences in our decisions

Many times when we are making a decision, we do not realize someone or something influences us to make that decision, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively; butsometimes we are the influence in someone’s decision. Who or what influences us when we have an important decision to make? And how do you have a positive or negative influence on people?
When weare making an important decision we must have into account each option and the good and bad things of each, and not let something or someone make you change your point of view, search for a balance andnot for someone’s approval because; is your decision, and many times when we search for someone’s approval that person is thinking in his/her benefit and how that decision can affect him/her.
It isimportant to have an advisor because we always need someone that hears our feelings and tries to understand us although they are not passing through that situation, but that person has to be trustableand not critize you but think in your feelings and in your happiness.
In my opinion our decisions is our way to our future so it is very important to see through all point of view and try to findthe one that makes you happier now and in the future. Sometimes we make a decision thinking in what is happening now despite it can end some day and your happiness does not last too long. You just wantto think in your feelings because at the end the only one you will be with is with yourself.
What influences you when taking an important decision can be family, friends, someone famous, authoritiesand sometimes advertisements but just a few of these. For example family ,is the one that you can trust and count on. Advertisements instead just sell things thinking in the products and not in you.Many people influence us and we influence many people in decisions. Being a good influence consist in thinking in that person ,in the happiness and in her/his future because is an important...