Influencia de las redes sociales en los adolecentes

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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2011
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Jason Crombie - Jason looks to the future
BRAVE Jason Crombie is a hero in the eyes of all who know him.
The schoolboy who was born with a severe facial deformity and other health complications,has had to deal with much more than the
average nine-year-old.
Already Jason, who was also born with a twisted spine, has undergone major surgery to straighten his back using metal rods, but thissummer he will go under the knife again, as surgeons begin to reconstruct his face.
It was Jason, of East Plean, Stirlingshire, who told surgeons when his operation should be. As he loves school,and did not want to miss any of his class work, Jason agreed to the 12-hour surgery, but only if it was carried out during the school holidays.
Dad Frank, 50, a retired fabricator welder, said:"Jason is beginning to see people's reactions more now, and he turns his head away if anyone looks, but he is fairly thick-skinned".

Neighbouring Hero
Terry McLernon - Terry served up a miracle
ASKanyone in Drumchapel if they believe in God, and they will answer "do you mean that big guy Terry who teaches table tennis."
Father-of-four Terry McLernon has had that much of an impact on therun-down council estates in the area, that he is often referred to as God.
Terry, 48, has devoted almost 20 years of his life to coaching table tennis in a community where drink, drugs, gangs and knifecrime were rife.
Having grown up in Drumchapel, the grandad-of-two was a self-confessed rogue, but that all changed when he discovered a sport which would not only change his life, but the lives ofothers.
Soon Terry was coaching and founded the Drumchapel Table Tennis Club in 1989. Today, the Drum, as it is known locally, has become the best club in Scotland. It has turned out a number ofScotland internationals and steered many youngsters away from a life of crime. Now more than 700 young people play every single month.

Our Emergency Services Hero
Geoff Smith - Geoff gives...
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