Influencia minoritaria

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Minority Influence
The majority does not always overwhelm (arrolla) the dissenter, for sometimes it is the minority that is the influencer and the majority that is influenced (Luther King, Freud,Galileo).
Asch found that the majority can bring powerful and potentially overwhelming pressure to bear upon (relacionado) the minority, but other studies have shown that minorities can fight back withpressure of their own.

Conversion Theory of Minority Influence
Serge Moscovici and his collegues underscored (subrayaron) the power of the minority.
Moscovici suggested that for too longtheorist and researchers assumed that change comes from within existing social systems rather than from external revolutionary sources; that the victory of the majority is more democratic than the victory ofthe minority.
In contrast to this majority-rules model of social influence, Moscovici’s conversion theory maintains that disagreement within the group results in conflict, and that the group membersare motivated to reduce that conflict.
Conversion theory suggests that minorities influence in a different way than majorities do
Minorities influence through a validation process. When someone inthe group breaks the group’s unanimity, members take notice of this surprising turn of events. The minority captures their attention, and though most do not believe that the minority is correct, thenonetheless consider the arguments closely. The majority’s message, in contrast, is less intriguing to members.
Because being in the majority is, in most cases, more rewarding than membership in theminority people usually change to comply (acceder a) with the group’s consensus. This compliance reflects a desire to be included withing the group rather than any kind of in-depth review of themajority’s reasons for their position.
Moscovici maintained that the validation processes instigated by a minority are more long-lasting (duradero) than those triggered by the comparison processes of...