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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2010
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TC 171
Document management applications

▪ Secretariat: ANSI
▪ Secretary: Ms. Betsy Fanning
▪ Chairperson: M. Gérard Cathaly-Prétou (France) until end 2011
▪ Creation date: 1978▪ Work programme
(drafts and new work items of TC 171)
▪ Business plan (TC)
▪ Working area on ISOTC

Standardization of quality control and integrity maintenance in thefield of document management. Documents may be managed in micrographic or electronic form.

This includes:

▪ processes involving capture, indexing, storage, retrieval, distribution andcommunication, presentation, migration, exchange, preservation and disposal;
▪ input/output quality of documents (micrographic or electronic);
▪ implementation, inspection and quality controlprocedures for storage, use and preservation of documents (micrographic or electronic), including supportive metadata;
▪ applications involving workflow (process management) in an enterprise and onthe Internet;
▪ maintenance of quality and integrity during information exchange between systems;
▪ procedures and processes supporting legal admissibility and/or integrity and security;
▪management of related audit trail information.

▪ records management policies and procedures within the scope of TC 46;
▪ all work on information, process and productiondefinitions and workflow of industrial automation systems within the scope of TC 184;
▪ cinematography, dimensions and labelling of raw-stock film, and the methods within the scope of ISO/TC 42 dealingwith testing, rating, classifying and specifying the performance characteristics of processes, materials and devices applicable to photography;
▪ work being done by ISO/IEC JTC1 that is within itsscope and in particular work of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 23, SC 24, SC 27, SC 28, SC 29, SC 32 and SC 34.

Where potential or actual overlap with other TCs exists JWGs will be actively...
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