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| ELEMENTS | EVALUATION100 all aspects met80 some aspects are omitted70 regular presentation50 doesn’t meet minimal requirements40 or less, rejected. |
INTRODUCTION | Topic statement.Formulateyour problem.Study motivations.Purposes for engaging it.Nature of the worksheet.Used methodology.Reach capabilities of the project.Respective school for each of the different parts of the project. | Cana problem and a topic be discriminated?Is the problem clearly stated?Does the author express his motivations and goals?What kind of worksheet is it? Bibliographical or empirical?Is the authorspecific about the used methodology so the reader is able to access the construction process of knowledge about the subject?According to the reach and limits of the project that are stated by the author:what can be expected of the project?Does the author inform about the different parts of the project? |
TOPIC DEVELOPMENT | Description and/or explanation of the topic or project.References todifferent perspectives of the subject or to various investigations about it.Precise hypothesis or supported idea, or the questions of knowledge that have guided the investigation.Information developed bygiving elements that support the hypothesis or given ideas or that answer the stated knowledge questions. | Does the author describe or explain in detail the topic and/or problem?After theperspectives and investigations of the subject are stated: where does the originality of the project lie on?What is the hypothesis or idea, or knowledge question that the author gives? Does the giveninformation support the hypothesis or idea, or does it answer the stated knowledge questions?
Is the topic statement clear and organized?Is the discipline language use accordingly on the given explanationsand descriptions?Is the exposition in favor of the given hypothesis rigorous? |
CONCLUSIONS | Synthesis of the main ideas presented in the project and their connection to the hypothesis or chosen...
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