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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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Two electoral preferences are in the municipality of Mazatlán. While the inhabitants of the delegaciones, Commissioners and other villages in the municipality are still traditionally by Fr.votingInstitutional Revolutionary Party in the city sees a phenomenon of electoral alternation.
Mazatlán was governed by municipal Presidents of the governing institutional Revolutionary Party. It was fromthe municipal elections of the year 1989 when I won the municipal Presidency of Party national action candidate Humberto Rice García (1990-1992). However the institutional Revolutionary Party recoveredthis town when in the year 1992 elections won the Mr Martin Gavica Garduño (1993-1995). However, for the period 1996-1998 Pan Alejandro Camacho Mendoza recovered the municipality for his party, andthis retained it in the next period (1999-2001) thanks to Alejandro Higuera Osuna.
In the elections for the period 2002-2004 both the national action party and the institutional Revolutionary Partywere defeated by the candidate of The labour party, Jorge Alberto Rodriguez steps. However, few months after taking protest as Municipal President, Rodriguez steps was deposed by the Congress of theState to face a charge of domestic violence which he was accused by his own wife. His position was filled by Gerardo Ramírez Rosete, of the same party. Shortly afterwards, on the move as a ruse of the PRIState Government, was replaced by Ricardo Martínez González, Member of the institutional Revolutionary Party.
In the elections for the period 2005-2007 of new account the Pan Alexander Higuer Osunaoccupied the Municipal Presidency until June of the commended he resigned to contest the elections for Deputy local; the 12th day of the month and year was replaced by Isaac López Arregui.
In theelections for the period 2008-2010 the institutional Revolutionary Party recovered this town with its candidate Jorge Abel Lopez Sanchez.
Now July 2010 after the elections for Governor, members of...
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