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Simple Past or Past Progressive
Principio del formulario
Exercise 1
Put the verbs into the correcttense (Simple Past or Past Progressive).
1. While Tom (read) , Amely (watch)  a documentary on TV.
2. Marvin (come)  home, (switch)  on the computer and (check)  his emails.
3. Thethief (sneak)  into the house, (steal)  the jewels and (leave)  without a trace.
4. Nobody (listen)  while the teacher (explain)  the tenses.
5. While we (do)  a sight-seeing tour, our friends (lie)  onthe beach.
6. He (wake)  up and (look)  at his watch.
7. The receptionist (welcome)  the guests and (ask)  them to fill in the form.
8. The car (break)  down and we (have)  to walk home.9. The boys (swim)  while the girls (sunbathe) .
10. My father (come)  in, (look)  around and (tell)  me to tidy up my room.
11. As long as one group (prepare)  dinner, theothers (collect)  wood for their campfire.
12. While the parents (have)  breakfast, their children (run)  about.
13. Martha (turn)  off the lights and (go)  to bed.
14. We (wait)  for Jane, when suddenlyLouis (come)  around the corner.
15. I (cycle)  through the park, when I (hear)  a strange noise.
16. He (pass)  her a message when the teacher (look / not) .
17. I (fall)  asleep whileI (watch)  TV last night.
18. When Mike and Jane (paint)  the walls, their dog (knock)  over the paint pot.
19. Tom (break)  his leg when he (play)  frisbee.
20. The phone (ring)  whenI (sit)  on the toilet.
21. I (jog)  in the park, when two squirrels (cross)  my way.
22. Robert (fall)  off the ladder when he (pick)  cherries.
23. Archimedes (discover)  the theory of buoyancy whilehe (take)  a bath.
24. When we (travel)  around Ireland, we (meet)  some very nice people.
25. While she (speak)  on the phone, the milk (boil)  over.
26. When I (leave)  the...
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