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  • Publicado : 26 de junio de 2010
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Report of the market of perfumes

Studying the market where we want to develop, and product "MAX" (masculine deodorant). We define the following strategies to bearing in mind.

Strategies ofCombination

I realize an analysis of Strengths and weaknesses that us determines the present of the company, mixed with the opportunities and threats that us determine the future to develop us. Thisdetermines us to generate a strategy of offensive to be able to generate a great attraction of the consumers. Combining the perfume, with the feminine sex, to generate a reaction of domain in theperson.

Strategies of Improvements

We have to apply a global strategy coming to the world and canivalizar the market, with a highly competitive price, since it is a market of great variety ofprice, changing the packing to an elongated form and of black color

Strategies of investment

It will be necessary realize an investment in the brand and advertising to generate a strongintroduction in the mind of the consumer and like that to turn aside the visions of the rival brands.

Strategies of Planning

Preventive measures must be had to be able to achieve a strategy, for themeasures that the competition will take and be able to offset them. With these strategies we will achieve the differentiation of the product, and positioning and to manage to lead to the brand asworld leader in the segment.
This study already this realized, it centered in a survey of 100.000 persons, this gave to us a significant sample to determine an insured success.

The fees of thereport are detailed of the following way:

Investigation of market 300.000 $
Advertising 100.000 $Force of sale 200.000 $
Preparation $ 50.000

German Dispel
Manager of Investigation
Agency S and Partners
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