Informe de sostenibilidad de la universidad de cadiz

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Hello, my name is Mary. My level of English is not as high as yours, but I hope you understand me perfectly.
Looking at the list of organizations that follow GRI criteria take me a pleasantsurprise to find the University of Cadiz, my university in Spain, in this list. It is one of the few universities that follow the criteria of the GRI and the only belonging to Spain.
Since 2002 the universityhave been writing sustainability reports but since 2009 they are also based on the criteria of the GRI.The differences between the period from the time the university publishes a report and the timethey used the GRI guideline are:
- Increase the interactive resources.
- After they exposed only the structure of the university, offers and actions.
- Now, they expose evolution andmeasures about topic of interest and the report is more complex that the previous reports.

As explained Kamil, with methods that are used for the Readers' Awards, is difficult to assess whatthe best sustainability report is. So in the Readers' Awards in 2009 there were 1346 reports of which 103 were finalists. Spain presented 142 reports,  being the country with more sustainabilityreports following the GRI standards, but still, there was only one finanlist belonging to Spain. 

This sustainability report doesn´t respond to all GRI standards, but pretty well adapts them. Similar to the reportpresented by Kamil, this sustainability report has its own order to address the different GRI standards.

The first part deals with guidance on the content of the report with a statement fromuniversity president explaining that this report is addressed to the university community and society in general.
It also sets out its main points to note, these being:
   - The culmination of theprocess of adapting their curricula to the new international structure and
   - The review and adaptation of its statutes by the university senate.

It also sets out the basis of their action...
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