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Places to work

I work in an office part time.
My mom works at a Chinese food restaurant
My brother works in a clothing store
Sara works in a supermarket


A: You work?
B: Yes,I work at a restaurant 8:00 to 15:00.
A: You like it?
B: Yes, I really like.

Fields of study

he likes to study math
I studied art
My mother does not like to study medicine.
A dance likeDianngy
My father studied journalism
The computer is slow
The business was burned
Carlos is a successful detective.


A: What you studying?
B: I study mathematics
A: Is itinteresting?. Like it?
B: If it is interesting but really do not like.

Simple Present Tense.

1.Carla loves his job
2. He finds missing persons
3. I like working with my partner.
4. Yordy get nightstudies.
5. She gets good grades.
6. The teacher teaches every day.


I do not like the apple, but I like the pear.
Maria does not have a child.

Conversation.A. Hello, how are you?
B. Well, as was the game?
A. Interesting. My team made three runs in the first half easy. It was exciting.
B. Ah, then had a good time?
A. If the game was fun. There was no timefor boredom.
B. They won the game?
A. If I invite you to the next.


A. Halo. Good afternoon. I'm calling because I hurt his wrist and right elbow.
B. Are you a patient's hospital?A. Yes, I am patient of Dr. Ramos.
B. I'll give a date.
A. Okay thanks.

General locations

A. Hi Sara I'm in the house. And you?
B. I'm in English class.

1. Hello father, I am out of townon work Katy. Take care. I love you.

Aches, pains, and Illnesses

1. Alex has a headache
2. Mr. Angel has a sore back.
3. My mother has a fever.
4. I have a sore throat.
5. Danielhas a cough.
6. Jhoangy has a toothache.
7. Jhoshua became dizzy
8. Viky has a sore knee.

The placement of adverbs of frequency .

1. Professor Jhoan always has time for his students ...
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