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On Friday 5 March, a debate took place against the exploitation of the mine Colosa
AngloGold Ashanti is the third largest multinational operator of gold in the world, which has beendenounced by human rights violation and damage to the environment in several countries. This arrived in the country by deception under the pseudonym "The Kedahda" and with the complicity of the nationalgovernment has been mining exploration licenses, violating environmental regulations in force. AngloGold Ashanti has applications for licenses for exploration and exploitation in an area comprising morethan 4 million hectares of national territory. Oppose the Anglo Gold is to rescue our dignity and sovereignty.

The mining project would establish a protected environmental area which is in fact astar where water would be threatened springs 161. Water is a common good and the destruction of their birth would affect not only the people of Cajamarca, but the entire region and country.

Theoperation of "The Colossus" consume lots of water (9 million cubic meters per year) equivalent to the minimum consumption of 400,000 people, the resulting water shortages will ruin us.

This project isa real threat to the irrigation district Coello river and against the alternative water supply project for Ibague would take water from the upper basin of this river.

Cajamarca and the regionknown as the plan of Tolima food pantries are important for the region and the country, the implementation of the project will change the production profile of the region and forever destroy thousands offarm work in exchange for just 500 posts employment earned during 15 years working for other impoverished, without social security as tend to make transnational corporations.
Be used more than 4million kilos of poisonous cyanide each year and generated toxic wastes pollute the rivers in the area (Vermilion, Coello and even the Magdalena River) and soil with heavy metals such as arsenic,...
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