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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2010
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B: Antonio? How are you doing friend?

A: Hey Brayan, I’m very stressed. I’m work 10 hours per day. I need to takevacations.
B: Really? Hey Antonio would you like to travel to Cajamarca with me and another friend.
A: That’s a fantastic idea! When is the trip?
B: Well. We will travel the nextweek. Exactly on December 27th.
A: It’s good for me, in this time I will be on vacation. How much is the ticket?
B: If we go by bus is 50 soles but is dangerous. There are a lot ofaccidents in this time and if we go by plane is 200 soles. I prefer by plane.
A: I love my safety. I prefer by plane too. Did you book the hotel?
B: No, no yet. There are twooptions. San Marcos Hotel is 50 soles per night and International Hotel is 70 soles per night.
A: The best election is San Marcos Hotel is more affordable. What do you think?
B: I agree.Is economic and people are very polite in this hotel.
A: Ey! Did you know Cajamarca?
B: Yes, I went to Cajamarca too many times before.
A: Perfect! How is the weather?
B:Cajamarca has a tropical climate. The average temperature is between 15º and 28º degrees centigrade.

A: That’s great! I love the hot weather. How long are we staying there?
B: We willstay there for 2 weeks. It will be a amazing experience.
A: And How about food? Have you ever tried the typical food?
B: Of course. The most delicious dish in Cajamarca is Pachamanca.I also ate Cuy, Olluquito, and Carnero al Palo.
A: Which places can we visit?
B: The Room of Atahualpa Rescue, the Hot Waters and the Square to Cajamarca.
A: Perfect. I’m veryexcited for the trip. See you the next week Brayan. Thanks for all.
B: Don’t worry Antonio. Remember the trip will be the most amazing trip of all.
A: Of course Brayan! I know… I know!!
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