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Putting Quality First
The BBC and Public Space

The Trust’s Challenge
1. How can the BBC best maintain quality and distinctiveness? 2. Where if necessary could its focus be narrowed and itsscale reduced? 3. What will a fully digital BBC look like? 4. Can the BBC better define the ‘public space’ it provides? 5. How can the BBC create most value from its scale?

Our Five EditorialPriorities
The best journalism in the world Inspiring knowledge, music and culture Ambitious UK drama and comedy Outstanding children’s content Events that bring communities and the nation together Putting Quality First

Reprioritise an extra £600m a year
for our five editorial priorities by 2013

90p in every licence fee £1

spent on content and distribution by 2016

Doing Fewer ThingsBetter
BBC Online is the future of the BBC Time for focus and rationalisation

Doing Fewer Things Better - Online
Focusing the BBC’s website on the five content priorities Halve the number ofsections (TLDs) on the site Spend 25% less on the site per year by 2013 Double monthly click throughs to external sites

Doing Fewer Things Better - Television
Focus on quality and distinctivenessChanges for BBC Two and Daytime Extra money for children’s services

Doing Fewer Things Better - Radio

Changes for BBC Radio 2

Doing Fewer Things Better - Radio
Proposed closure of BBC 6MusicProposed closure of BBC Asian Network as a national service Increasing the quality of local radio: boosting investment in local news

Doing Fewer Things Better
Proposed closure of young teenofferings BBC Switch and Blast!

Guaranteeing Access
Free access to independent, impartial news Supporting open standards like Freesat and Canvas Opening the BBC’s programme library

Making theLicence Fee Work Harder

New sources of efficiency after 2012 Choosing quality over quantity

Making the Licence Fee Work Harder
Reduce the cost of running the BBC by a quarter Reducing senior...
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