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Evidence 8, 9 and 10

1) How many cub of coffee do you drink a week?
I drink a few cub of coffee a week.
How many sandwiches do you eat amonth?
I eat a few sandwiches.
2) How much soda do you drink in a party?
It little soda a party.

How much sugar do you want in yourcoffee?

I want little sugar in your coffee.

3) I like French friend with too souse.
She like her sandwiches with too mayonnaise.

4) Iwant my hamburger with enough mustard.
They don’t have enough oxygen for Lucia.

5) Strangle eggs have more cholesterol than sandwiches.Armando has more friends than Jeremy.

Chicken has less saturated fat the birria.
Vegetables have less sugar than fruits.

I have fewerstudents than Richard.
I have fewer DVD than Jatziry.

6) The tacos are really delicious.
The Mexican sauce is very hot.

7) Would your ratherlisten rock music or cumbia music.
I`d rather not listen cumbia music.

Would you prefer to eat hamburger or hot dog?
I`d prefer not eathamburger.

Would you like to go to Cancun or Acapulco beach?
I wouldn’t like to Cancun.

8) I am going to go party.
I am going to eat hotdog.
I am not going to drink tequila.
I am not going to go party.

9) I will be an engineer.
I won`t be an engineer.

10) I may go toToluca with my family.
I may not go to Toluca with my family.

I might go to cinema with my boyfriend.
I might not go to cinema with my boyfriend.
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