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Driver Installation Q u i c k G u i de

NOTICES covering Model Prefixes dMc, SdR & Hdc The images in this guide cover the operating system’s driver association process for both camcorders andcameras. This procedure is the same for both devices regardless of the type of recording media it uses.
Panasonic’s digital still cameras and camcorders use the Microsoft Windows universal embedded USBdriver. The installation of any supplemental USB drivers is not required.
Windws Logo is a registrered trademark of Microsoft inc.

Recommendations prior to connection: • • • • Plug the uSB cabledirectly into the uSB port the computer. do not use a uSB Hub or keyboard uSB port. Digital Still Cameras should use a fully charged battery. Camcorders should be connected to the included Ac Adapter.CAUTION
do not format an SdXc memory card in any computer or other device drive that does not support the SdXc card types. For more information please review the following website:

Please think before printing.

1. connect the uSB cable to your camera or camcorder.

. connect the other end of the uSB cable to yourcomputer’s uSB port.

3. change the mode of your camera or camcorder to the [PLAYBACK] mode.

4. Turn the [POWER] on.

5. Highlight and select [PC]. device screens will vary.

6. A screen will showthat it is connected.

Windows OS

4. A new drive should display under computer or My computer.
digital still cameras may have built-in memory in addition to the Sd memory card. The built-inmemory can only be accessed when a memory card has not been inserted into the camera. drive names for cameras will vary based on model year. LuMiX, Removable disk and MATSuSHiTA are a few examples.LUMIX

Removable Disk (G:)

5. depending on the type of camcorder, one or more drives should display under computer or My computer.
camcorders can have built-in memory, hard drives, Sd memory...
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