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1st EXAM
Electricity and Electronics


FIRST NAME:________________________LAST NAME: ______________________GROUP: ______

I. Analyze the following circuit and make the necessary operations to find the correct answers.

1. The value of the Total Resistance is:a) 10000 Ω
b) 8.5 KΩ
c) 8500 Ω
d) 3.6 KΩ

2. The power of the 8KΩ resistance that is connected between the node A to B is:
a) 10 W
b) .00800 W
c) 8.00 mWd) b and c

3. The voltage of the 4KΩ resistance is:
a) 1.1 V
b) 2 V
c) 1000 V
d) None

4. Suppose that the 10V voltage source is disconnected, ¿what is the value ofthe R(B-C)?
a) 1 KΩ
b) 500 Ω
c) 2 KΩ
d) None

II. Choose the correct answer.
5. The energy that a particle wins or lost while is moving inside an electric field.a) Voltage
b) Current
c) Resistance
d) None

6. The opposition to the electric current.
a) Voltage
b) Electric Field.
c) Resistance.
d) None

7. Theelectric current is equal to:
a) The number of charges that are moving far away from a point in a circuit.
b) dq/dt
c) None
d) a and b

8. The unit to express the voltageis:
a) Volt.
b) Ampere.
c) Ohm.
d) None of the previous.

9. The unit to express the resistance is: :
a) Volt.
b) Ampere.
c) Ohm.
d) None of theprevious.

10. It is the measurement tool for current, voltage and resistance:
a) Ohmmeter
b) Voltmeter
c) Multimeter
d) None

11. It is the energy waste speed
b) Power
c) Voltage
d) None

12. The unit of power is:
a) Ohm
b) Watt
c) Henry
d) None

13. It says that the algebraic sum of the voltages...
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