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China's businessman-politicians
After the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a number of bosses of state-owned enterprises (SOE) were appointed as provincial governors or province-level Party chiefs. Promoted from company heads to senior governmental officials, these ambitious, highly capable leaders of the younger generation are providing fresh perspectives andsetting the country on a new and highly promising path.

These managers turned statesmen are relatively young. Many of them are in their 40s. They are well educated, many holding master degrees or PhDs, and are energetic and full of ideas.

First and foremost they are successful entrepreneurs. As company managers, they are used to having to make the right decisions at the right time, always on thelookout for ways to sharpening their businesses' competitive edge. They have strategic vision and a comprehensive, accurate picture of political and economic trends at home and abroad

( by Pang Li, March 31, 2008)

How to have dinner with a Chinese businessman
By stazba, eHow Member

[pic]have dinner with a Chinese businessman
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Anyone doing business in China will very likely be invited to dinner by the company that they are visiting. Don't fret! With just a little knowledge of what to expect and the do's and don'ts, you can have a great time and not end up feeling the fool.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:
A will to say noAccepting personality
Very basic Chinese phrases

Basic Chinese to Know
Good for dinner, and a nice way to show your host you are interested in their culture

Yao (as in "Yao" Ming, the basketball player) - means "want"
Bu Yao (pronounced like "Boo") - means "don't want"
Xie Xie (pronounced like a stereotypical Canadian saying "she eh" very quickly - means "thank you"
Gan Bei (Ganpronounced like it rhythms with Khan. Bei pronounced like the "bei" in Beijing) - means "down the hatch/cheers"
Yi Dian Dian (Yi pronounced like "Ye". Dian pronounced like "De En") - means "a little bit"
Go La (pronounced just like it looks)- means "enough"
The Invitation.

Your Chinese host will want to impress you with his wealth, generosity, knowledge, and friendliness (whether he has theseattributes or not) by inviting you out. Let him! Indicate that you are willing to trust his choice in restaurant. However, don't be shy in letting him know any problems with food you have, i.e. hate spicy foods or have other problems or distastes. I also recommend going to a real Chinese restaurant, and not eating the touristy foreign food you will find in hotels. Odds are your host will know greatplaces to go, and you get a taste of real Chinese food.

If you are a man, it is very likely the first thing thing your host will do is offer you a cigarette. If you smoke, accept and puff to your hearts content. If you don't just smile and say "Bu Yao". Its not rude at all, and even if he pushes, just be polite but firm in saying no.
Remember that in China, smoking is firmlyentrenched in the male psyche. You will see ALOT of smokers indoors and outdoors.

After smoking, drinking is the next vice that will be offered. If you have have problems drinking (either personal of health related) let your host know and there will not be a problem. Otherwise, go ahead and enjoy.
Drinking Rules

- Once you begin drinking, your Chinese host will be constantlyrefilling your glass even if it is half empty.
- It is polite to drink when everyone is drinking. If you are drinking on your own, you are being rude. Wait for someone to toast you or toast the table.
- Listen for "Gan Bei". This means the person wants to take the whole drink down in one go. If you don't, smile and say "Yi Dian Dian".
- When you've had enough, don't let anyone fill your glass. Just...
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