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Report the Experiment
Many organizations compile a report of an experiment in the form of slides, for example, in the form of a power point presentation. The eleven-step procedure provides an effective outline for such a presentation. In can also serve as a checklist that makes it relatively easy to confirm that all aspects of the experiment have been appropriately documented.
If a designedexperiment must be documented in a written report, most organizations have a standard report format that must be used. If a standard format has not been established, the following report organization is effective:
1.- Findings. An executive summary of the experiment summarizing the design, the analysis, and the results. This section should be no longer than just a few sentences.
2.- Background.Some technical background on the process to be studied, a description of the problem, and a statement of the purpose of the experiment. This section should be no more than one page long.
3.- Experiment design. A description of the experiment design and the randomization and blocking plan that was used. It may also be necessary to justify the sample size that was used.
4.- Data. A table of theexperimental data with a description of the table and its organization. Special mention should be made of missing values and any observations that have associated special causes. The location of the original data in its paper or electronic form should be indicated.
5.- Statistical analysis. A description of the statistical analysis with explicit references to all of the computer analyses andsupporting graphs. Discussion of the analysis can also be integrated into this section.
6.- Recommendations. A recommendations section should be included in the report if a follow-up study is required or if there are any ambiguities remaining after the analysis is complete. This section may also include a focused interpretation of the analysis is complete. This section may also include a focusedinterpretation of the analysis to address a specific problem or goal of the experiment, for example, to optimize a response.
The formal report should be written by the DOE project leader, but the report should be reviewed and approved by those members of the team who have the technical skills to understand it. Most designed experiments can be reported in detail in three to 10 pages with attachedfigures. Someone skilled in the art of DOE report writing will require about one to 1.5 hours per page to write the report.

Example 4.12
The following report is presented as an example of a well-written report of a designed experiment.
Report: Analysis of an experiment to compare two lubricants in a cutting operation.
Author: Paul Mathews, Mathews Malnar and Bailey, Inc.
For: Dan M.,Engineering Manager, XYZ Cutoff Inc.
Date: 22 November 1999
Findings: an experiment was performed to compare the standard lubricant (LAU-003) to a recommended replacement lubricant (LAU-016) in the brake-bar cutting operation to determine if the new lubricant would allow more cuts between blade resharpenings. The new lubricant was confirmed to deliver about 16 more cuts ( 131 versus 147 ) on average thanthe old lubricant (p=0.005) and no adverse effects were observed. The 95 percent confidence interval for the increase in the number of cuts with LAU-016 was P(6.3-U-25.7) = 0.95 or between five percent to 20 percent relative to LAU-003. Based on these results, it is recommended that LAU-003 be replaced with LAU-016 in the brake-bar cutting operation.
Background: Brake bars are cut usingcarbide-tipped circular saws lubricated with LAU-003. Saws must be resharpened when burrs on the perimeter of the cut approach the allowed tolerances for the cut surface. LAU has suggested that saws lubricated with. LAU-016 instead of LAU-003 would make more cuts between resharpenings. Decreased downtime and resharpenings. Decreased downtime and resharpening costs would more than offset the minor price...
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