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This plan is intended to provide a description of all the activities required for the suppliers of the iBox BT to ensure proper on-going quality.

1 Dependency

BT iBox Component Quality Plan - Haibo.xls
BT iBox Component Quality Plan - Coxon.xls
BT iBox Component Quality Plan - Himax.xls
BT iBox Component Quality Plan – Wise Honour.xls
BT iBox Component Quality Plan -Kunzhan.xls
BT iBox Component Quality Plan - CEN.xls

Supplier Quality Activities

1 Critical to Quality Specification Review

Ensure all part drawings have correct critical quality specifications called out – Matt Hill
1. Review all part, subassembly, and assembly drawings, Supplier Self Inspection (SSI) documents by 12/23 with Mark McCallum, Wayne Larson to ensure all criticalto quality specifications are called out correctly – Completed
2. Update any drawings, inspection docs as needed (6 drawings need update, will be added to ECO 1st week of Jan)
3. Review with supplier any changes/requirements (will be done in parallel with ECO)

2 Component Quality Plan

The Component Quality Plan contains a description of all on-going quality activities by thecomponent suppliers listed by component from raw material through assembly. This will be reviewed and used by all suppliers. Includes material handling specifications (like FIFO), gaging, Lot sampling AQL, incoming inspections, tooling, rejecting bad parts, tester retries allowed) Includes preventative maintenance plans (Tooling replacement, gage replacement, and tester replacement plan). This plan isbroken up into 6 spreadsheets one covering each supplier (refer to documents in Section 1.1 Dependency).

3 Supplier Site Audits

Audits will be conducted periodically on all part suppliers. The audits will ensure that suppliers are following quality activities listed in the Component Quality Plan.
|Supplier |Part |Description|Auditor |Frequency |
|Kunzhan |10102908G1 |Assy, Housing with Band, BT iBox |UTCFS Sourcing Asia SQE (Joe |Quarterly |
| | | |Huang) | |
|Coxon |10102711G1|Assy, Shackle with Overmolding, BT iBox |UTCFS Sourcing Asia SQE (Joe |Quarterly |
| |10102793P1-01 |PL, Boot, BT iBox |Huang) | |
| |10102780P1 |PL, Outer Lens, BT iBox || |
| |10102717G1 |Assy, Chassis, BT iBox | | |
| |10102782P1 |PL, Inner Lens, BT iBox | | |
| |10102789P1 |PL,Insulator Block, BT iBox | | |
|Haibo |10102708G1 |Assy, Key Container, BT iBox |UTCFS Sourcing Asia SQE (Joe |Quarterly |
| | | |Huang) ||
|Himax |10102709G1 |Assy, Key Container Solenoid, BT iBox |UTCFS Sourcing Asia SQE (Joe |Quarterly |
| |10102715G1 |Assy, Shackle Solenoid, BT iBox |Huang) | |
|Wise Honour |10102716G1 |Assy, Key Container Solenoid...
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