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  • Publicado : 10 de junio de 2011
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I am a breeder and exhibitor of English Springer Spaniels and have been showing in AKC obedience and conformation competition for nearly 20 years. I breed occasionally and only when I plan to keep something from the litter. These breedings are done for myself primarily and not to produce pets for others or as a source of income.
I do thoughtful breedings in an attemptto produce a better English Springer Spaniel with every new generation. I do yearly eye exams, hip x-rays and research into pedigrees to minimize genetic problems on all breeding stock. The majority of the puppies I bring into this world become family companions-including the one(s) I keep. Breedings are planned with good temperament as the highest priority. My own dogs are "house" dogs andfamily members first, and show dogs second.

Capulet English Springer Spaniels are bred as family companions with the following goals: good health, excellent temperaments, soundness, and beauty that comes from breeding to the AKC English Springer Spaniel breed standard. We health-test our potential parents at canine ophthalmologists, veterinarians and radiography specialists (hip x-rays).Our pups are born in our home, socialized with other dogs and people, given their initial vaccinations and health checks, and loved. Prospective owners of a Capulet Springer will be asked about their home, their dog experience, and other questions that will help us place our beloved pups in homes where they will be permanent parts of the family - whether or not they are shown in AKCconformation, obedience, agility, or performance venues.

Crossroad Springers was established in 1984 when I purchased my first L/W springer from Ruth Ferm of Lordillea Springers. Lordillea's Free Wheeling, CD "Willie" (above) was an unenthusiastic show dog but a great house pet and my first obedience springer.He started me out to what has become a passionate hobby. I next purchased a B/Wbitch from Ruth, Lordillea's Graphic, "Coleco", who became my foundation bitch and created Crossroad Springers. I do not do a lot of breeding and only breed when I want something to show for myself. This means I am very particular about who I breed to and who purchases puppies from me.
I have always felt that when my puppies are born, they need an idenity of their own, so I name each puppy asthey are born. I have a theme for each litter and try to come up with unusual themes and names. I started out with cars. Having nine in the litter I went from a Gremlin to a Audi and lots in between. My second litter of seven was named after cookies and it was fun to have puppies named Stuffy, Fig Newton and Sugar Wafer. The theme of my next litter of seven was the Flintstones and of coursethere was Fred and Wilma but we also had Yabba, Dabba and Dew. My most recent litter was named after shopping stores. Although there were only two, I could only go with the obvious, Bloomingdale and Nordstrum. Therefore Bloomie and Nordie were only the best. Although many of my puppies had their names changed as they moved into their new homes, I will always remember them with the specialnames I gave them at birth.
I am associated with many dog related clubs and have served on various committees and board positions. I am currently a member of the parent club, ESSFTA. I am also a member of EASTERN ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL CLUB , where in the past I have served many positions on the executive board. I am a member of THE ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL CLUB OF MICHIGAN and MIDDLESEXCOUNTY KENNEL CLUB, where I was a past delegate to the AKC. I was also a creating and founding member of THE EASTERN ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL RESCUE CLUB and it's president for 5 years.
During my career in Springers, I have had a picture of an ideal type of Springer and use that image in my breeding program as a goal to work toward. I feel that above all, my Springers are my pets first, show and...
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