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CISCO WS-C6509 Catalyst 6509 Key Features

The 9- slot Catalyst WS-C6509 6509 chassis provides intermediate port densities, ideal for many wiring closet and core network deployments.

Supports all Catalyst 6500 modules, including all:

- Supervisor engines
- Switch fabric modules
- Fast Ethernet modules
- Gigabit Ethernet modules - 10 Gigabit Ethernet modules
- Voice modules
- Flex WanModules
- ATM modules
- Multi Gigabit services modules (content services ,firewall, intrusion detection,
IPSec/VPN, network analysis, and SSL acceleration)

Cisco IOS Software Modularity-Modularity boosts operational efficiency and minimizes downtime. Enabling modular allows Cisco IOS subsystems to run as independent, self-healing processes minimizing unplanned downtime through faultcontainment and stateful process restarts; simplifies software changes through subsystem In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU), and enables process-level, automated policy control by integrating the Ebedded Event Manager (EEM)

Maximum PoE Scalability-Provides power scalability needed to support high-density PoE deployments; 6- and 9-slot chassis (C6506-E and C6509-E models) are designed to scale beyondthe current 6000W power supplies; All existing supervisors, line cards, switch fabrics, and software releases are supported in the E-series chassis

The WS-C6509 Cisco Supervisor Engine 720-Positioned for enterprise core, distribution, and data centers: Up to 720 Gbps Switch Fabric Connection and up to 400 Mpps of switching performance; Supports new accelerated Cisco express Forwarding (CEF720)and distributed Cisco Express Forwarding (dCEF720) interface modules; IPv6 and MPLS supported in hardware. Supports Layer 3 routing protocols

The Cisco WS-C6509 Supervisor Engine 32-Positioned for the intelligent wiring-closet and low end cost effective core and distribution deployments: incorporates a 32-Gbps shared bus connection to modules; Supports up to 15 Mpps of switching performance;Centralized Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding and is available in two models, either 8-port 1GE model or 2-port 10GbE uplinks. (Cisco 6509, Cisco 6509 switch, catalyst 6509, 6509 catalyst, 6509 switch, 6509 Cisco switch)

RICOM sells new and refurbished Cisco Catalyst WS-C6509 chassis at a cost savings to our customers. For current pricing on new and refurbished WS-C6509 chassis, contact a RICOMsales representative. Carefully refurbished and tested using OEM specifications, you can acquire Cisco quality equipment at a fraction of purchasing new. We inventory a complete list of added accessories, options, and upgrades for the WS-C6509 chassis including adapters, cables, memory, storage, maintenance. With decades of experience recycling and remarketing used IT equipment, RICOM will offer afair market value on any decommissioned used WS-C6509 chassis. RICOM certified used equipment are protected by a three-month quality satisfaction guarantee maintenance.

Manufacturer Part# : WS-C6509


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major forms of payment including:

|Credit cards:       |      |AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD.|
|PAYPAL:   |  |Product ships upon confirmation that transfer is complete |
|Google Checkout |  |Product ships upon confirmation that transfer is complete |
|Purchas Orders: |  |Apply for net terms|
|WIRE TRANSFER: |  |U.S. Dollars; add transfer fees |
|Money Orders:  |  |Product ships upon verification of deposited funds |
|COD:   |  |Company check and cashier’s check; see sales...
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