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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2012
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Gasoline filtration
Effective protection for modern injection systems
Gasoline filters guarantee adequate fuel quality and thus protect modern injection systems against wear. The requirements ongasoline filtration have risen with the development of direct injection systems and the increasing use of maintenance-free, lifetime fuel filters. The filter elements from MANN+HUMMEL fulfill all therequirements of modern injection systems. Gasoline, like every other service fluid, is subject to a certain contamination through organic and inorganic particles. Modern direct injection systems reactvery sensitively to even the smallest of impurities in fuel and thus place very high demands on gasoline filtration. Fuel composition and the aimed for service life are important influencing factorswhen it comes to developing gasoline filters. There are national differences in fuel composition. For example, gasoline with admixtures of ethanol and methanol can be found on the market in the NAFTAregion. The trend in service life is moving towards increasingly longer intervals between changes so that more and more lifetime filters (> 240,000 km) are being used. The chemical resistance of thefilter media and materials used have to be adapted to the altered conditions of lifetime use and the various fuels. Whereas carburetor engines used mainly utilize inline filters with standard filtermedia, multilayer filter media are increasingly being used today. MANN+HUMMEL develops high-quality filter media (MULTIGRADE F_GAS), that are optimally adapted to meet the filtration requirements andprovide the necessary chemical resistance. MANN+HUMMEL gasoline filters thus provide optimum protection for fuel injection systems – especially direct injection systems.

High-performance filter mediaFilter media The demand for an extremely fine filter media with simultaneously high dirt-holding capacity, calls for innovative filter media concepts. Apart from standard filter media, MANN+HUMMEL...
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