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Synapse Release Version 3.2.1

Workstation Software

Synapse Workstation Software is the multi-modality viewing software for Synapse, Fujifilm’s Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Synapse Workstation Software provides viewing and manipulation of radiological data including images, reports, patient status and clinical information. It also provides for integrationsto clinical applications including dictation systems, RIS and three dimensional processing applications. It is a multipurpose, enterprise wide application used for Radiologist interpretation, in-house clinical review and physician desktop image & information access. Synapse Workstation Software is an entirely web-based, thin-client application using Internet technology at the foundation of itsdesign. The only locally installed component is an ActiveX control plug-in to Internet Explorer® on Microsoft® Windows®. This design allows for a user interface that takes advantage of the familiar functions of Internet Explorer and Windows, such as Back, Forward, Links, Favorites and right-click context menu while also providing powerful imaging functions necessary in today’s radiology departmentand beyond. As a thin-client application, Synapse is accessible by anyone connected to a Synapse web server via the Intranet or Internet over standard HTTP or a secure HTTPS (SSL) connection. While users in Synapse can be assigned different security levels to access patient and study folders and are assigned different privileges around their ability to save or modify

information permanently inthe Synapse database, all tools are available to all users regardless of their physical location or health provider function. Synapse is designed for the needs of the radiologist as well as clinicians, referring physicians, technologists and administrators from the same user application with the same tools and user interface.

Image and Display Features
• Intuitive use of colors and layout forworklists, PowerJacket™, icons, and toolbars • One hand Mouse Operation for common manipulation tools: o Window/Level o Zoom o Pan • Image Processing presets with keypad shortcuts by modality • CR Image Processing including Dynamic Range Control (DRC) and Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP) • CT Image Processing with DRC and sharpness enhancement • Zoom to 1x (acquisition pixel = display pixel) • Zoomto Fit Window • Interactive Region of Interest with zoom, magnification and window/level • Rotation and flip • Manual and DICOM image shuttering • Color display • Annotations and Measurements including: o Line length and line ratio ruler o Curved line measurement o Free text o Arrows o Density Values (Hounsfield Unit, Optical Density or Pixel Value depending on image type)

o Elliptical,rectangular and freehand ROI with calculated area, perimeter as well as mean and standard deviation of density o Label palette for spine labeling • Annotation save • Cine tool with speed and direction control, as well as support for cine of multiple linked series simultaneously • Stack-in-Place – fast image stack scrolling via mouse control • Image bookmarking (annotated images are auto-selected asbookmarks) • Keyboard or mouse driven image series navigation • Selectable image up-count • Configurable page layout • Drag/drop for copy and paste to other Windows applications • Drag/drop to create Synapse shortcuts • Intelliscroll – synchronized stack navigation • Intellilink – Crosshair 3D navigation • Cross-sectional reference lines • Monitor calibration for true size display • Lossless and lossyimage decompression and display • Selectable image compression version for initial display with support for changing version during display • Customizable modality specific overlays for patient, study and image information (see release specification for detailed system defaults) • Synapse 3D – Integrated MIP/MPR reformatting application • Context integration to 3rd party 3D reconstruction...
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