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The “posadas”

The “posadas”  are popular celebrations in Mexico are held during the nine days before Christmas, or from the 16 to the 24 of December. These festivities recall the journey of Maryand Joseph from their departure from Nazareth to Bethlehem where they seek a place to stay to await the birth of Jesus, the “posadas” are presented by groups of people, regardless of the number, whichis divided into two, once placed outside the home and one inside. Outsiders representing the Virgin Mary and Joseph and with christmas carols ask for asylum to the house owners , whothen answer them with songs from this season.
But most important aspects are common to ask inn with traditional carols, praying the rosary, to break the piñata, and of course they can never miss the “aguinaldos”, fruitpunch, candles, fruit, flares and sometimes dinner and gifts. Following this scenario, they break the piñata, tradition dictates that it should take the form of a star of  7 peaks, sinceeach represents the cardinal sins. When the piñata breaks, bearing fruit in fall and are taken by all people.

What is it?
The “posadas” are popular celebrations in Mexico are held during the nine days beforeChristmas.
When do you celebrate it?
from 16 to 24 December
How do people celebrate?
Traveling with the traditional carols, praying the rosary, breaking  the piñata, and of course they can nevermiss the aguinaldos, fruit punch, candles, fruit, flares and sometimes dinner and gifts.

What food do people eat?
Fruit punch and a traditional dinner can vary according to each person.


Las Posadas

Las posadas son fiestas populares que en México se celebran durante los nueve días antes de Navidad, o sea del 16 al 24 de Diciembre. Estas fiestas recuerdan el peregrinajede María y José desde su salida de Nazaret hasta Belén donde buscan un lugar donde alojarse para esperar el nacimiento del niño Jesús, son representadas por grupos de personas -sin importar el...
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