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Owner's Manual for the Vehicle. With a quick reference guide for your convenience.

Online Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 480 - © 08/00 BMW AG

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325Ci 330Ci
Online Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 480 - © 08/00 BMW AG

Congratulations, and thank you for choosing a BMW. Thorough familiarity with your vehicle will provide you with enhancedcontrol and security when you drive it. We therefore have this request: Read this Owner's Manual to get summarized information, before you start out in your new BMW. It contains important data and instructions intended to assist you in gaining maximum use and satisfaction from the unique range of technical features on your BMW. This manual also contains information on maintenance and care,designed to ensure your safety and the proper operation of your vehicle, and to maintain your vehicle's value. This Owner's Manual should be considered a permanent part of this vehicle. It should stay with the vehicle when sold to provide the next owner with important operating, safety and maintenance information. This manual is supplemented by a Service and Warranty Information Booklet (US models) or aWarranty and Service Guide Booklet (Canadian models). We recommend that you read this publication thoroughly. Your BMW is covered by the following warranties: – New Vehicle Limited Warranty – Limited Warranty Rust Perforation – Federal Emissions System Defect Warranty – Federal Emissions Performance Warranty – California Emission Control System Limited Warranty Detailed information about thesewarranties is listed in the Service and Warranty Information Booklet (US models) or in the Warranty and Service Guide Booklet (Canadian models). We wish you an enjoyable driving experience. BMW AG

Online Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 480 - © 08/00 BMW AG


Notes on the Owner's Manual
We have made every effort to ensure that you are able to find what you need in this Owner's Manual asquickly as possible. The fastest way to find certain topics is by using the detailed index at the end. If you wish to gain only an initial overview of your vehicle, you will find this in the first chapter. The detailed table of contents immediately following the index is intended to arouse your curiosity about your BMW and stimulate you to read about it. Should you wish to sell your BMW at sometime in the future, please remember to hand over this Owner's Manual to the new owner; it is part of the vehicle. If you have any questions, your BMW center will be glad to advise you.

Symbols used
Indicates instructions or precautions that must be followed precisely in order to avoid the possibility of personal injury and serious damage to the vehicle.< Contains information that will assist youin gaining the optimum benefit from your vehicle and enables you to care more effectively for your vehicle.< Refers to measures that can be taken to help protect the environment.< < Marks the end of a specific item of information.

The individual vehicle
On purchasing your BMW, you have decided in favor of a model with individualized equipment and features. This Owner's Manual describes allmodels and equipment that BMW offers within the same group. We hope you will understand that equipment and features are included which you might not have chosen for your vehicle. Any possible differences can easily be identified, since all optional accessories are marked with an asterisk *. If your BMW features equipment which is not described in this Owner's Manual (car radio or telephone, forinstance), Supplementary Owner's Manuals are enclosed. We ask you to read these manuals as well.

* Indicates special equipment, country-specific equipment and optional extras.
Identifies systems or components, which your BMW center can either activate or adapt to suit an individual driver's requirements ("Car Memory", "Key Memory"). Refer to page 59.<

© 2000 BMW AG Munich, Germany Reprinting,...
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