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Green Houses Market in France

At a global level, the construction sector represents 40% of Greenhouse Gas. However, it is also the sector which has the greatest energy savings potential.Grenelle Environment Council, HQE and expansion of the market
In France, the market for green building has taken a huge ambition since last council Grenelle of Environment.
Part of a wider movement topromote coherence in green building standards, France is pushing to ensure that its own standard, the HQE, becomes the norm in Europe. Haute Qualité Environnementale is an approach which uses 14criteria for reducing consumption of natural resources and discharge of pollutants, as well as enhancing the comfort and health dimension of buildings .It is to achieve a systematic way during theconstruction of 4 families of 14 goals in total:

• Eco-design
• Eco-Management
• Health
• Comfort
It focuses on the design and construction phases of renovation as well as new buildingprojects. Certification is underwritten by the Paris-based Association pour la Haute Qualité Environnementale.
There is a global competition among the different certifications:
the North American label LEEDused in Canada and the USA, the Japanese CASBEE seeking to be leader in Asia, …
The Eureopean are trying to make alliances with the UK and other European countries, notably Germany which is a top actoron the ecological market, “in order to define a certification which would permit convergence of all the technical references covering initiatives of environmental quality which respects localculture.”
This shows well the expansion and the growth of the market.

Evolution of the sector

According to the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) costs related to buildingconstruction performance in terms of energy would account for only 5% higher than costs in traditional construction.

Building sustainable futures will eventually affect all the building sector actors...
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