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Donald Anderson

Svetlana Brzev

Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association

April 2009

DISCLAIMER While the authors have tried to be as accurate as possible, they cannot be held responsible for the designs of others that might be based on the material presented in this document. The material included in this document is intended forthe use of design professionals who are competent to evaluate the significance and limitations of its contents and recommendations and able to accept responsibility for its application. The authors, and the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association, disclaim any and all responsibility for the applications of the stated principles and for the accuracy of any of the material included in thedocument.

AUTHORS Don Anderson, Ph.D., P.Eng. Department of Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC

Svetlana Brzev, Ph.D., P.Eng. Department of Civil Engineering British Columbia Institute of Technology Burnaby, BC

Gary Sturgeon, P.Eng., Director of Technical Services, CCMPA Bill McEwen, P.Eng., LEED AP, Executive Director, Masonry Institute of BCDr. Mark Hagel, EIT, Technical Services Engineer, CCMPA GRAPHIC DESIGN Natalia Leposavic, M.Arch. COVER PAGE Photo credit: Bill McEwen, P.Eng. Graphic design: Marjorie Greene, AICP

COPYRIGHT © Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association, 2009

Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association
P.O. Box 54503, 1771 Avenue Road Toronto, ON M5M 4N5 Tel: (416) 495-7497 Fax: (416) 495-8939 Web site: The Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA) is a non-profit association whose mission is to support and advance the common interests of its members in the manufacture, marketing, research, and application of concrete masonry products and structures. It represents the interests of Region 6 of the National Concrete Masonry Association(NCMA).

Contents Summary

Objective: to provide background on seismic response of structures and seismic analysis methods and explain key NBCC 2005 seismic provisions of relevance for masonry design

Chapter 2

Seismic Design of Masonry Walls to CSA S304.1 DETAILED MASONRY DESIGN PROVISIONS

Objective: to providebackground and commentary for CSA S304.1-04 seismic design provisions related to reinforced concrete masonry walls, and discuss the revisions in CSA S304.1-04 seismic design requirements with regard to the 1994 edition

Chapter 3

Summary of Changes in NBCC 2005 and CSA S304.1-04 Seismic Design Requirements for Masonry Buildings SUMMARY OF NBCC AND S304.1 CHANGES

Objective: to provide a summaryof NBCC 2005 and CSA S304.1-04 changes with regard to previous editions (NBCC 1995 and CSA S304.194) and to present the results of a design case study of a hypothetical low-rise masonry building to illustrate differences in seismic forces and masonry design requirements due to different site locations and different editions of NBCC and CSA S304.1

Chapter 4

Design Examples DESIGN EXAMPLESObjective: to provide illustrative design examples of seismic load calculation and distribution of forces to members according to NBCC 2005, and the seismic design of loadbearing and nonloadbearing masonry elements according to CSA S304.1-04

Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E

Comparison of NBCC 1995 and NBCC 2005 Seismic Provisions Research Studies and Code BackgroundRelevant to Masonry Design Relevant Design Background Design Aids Notation


Table of Contents
1 SEISMIC DESIGN PROVISIONS OF THE NATIONAL BUILDING CODE OF CANADA 2005 Introduction Background Design and Performance Objectives Response of Structures to Earthquakes 1.4.1 Elastic Response 1.4.2 Inelastic Response 1.4.3 Ductility 1.4.4 A Primer on Modal Dynamic Analysis Procedure Seismic...
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