Ingenico 5100

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Ingenico 5100 & PIN Pad 3050
Retail, Restaurant & Mail Order/Telephone Order

Combine Your Payment Processing Needs Into a Single Point-of-Sale Solution

Benefits at a Glance
• Supportsacceptance of Visa, MasterCard and debit cards through a single payment terminal • Simple-to-use design ensures ease of use • Tamper resistant design meets all security requirements and helps prevent theftand fraud

The ergonomic Ingenico 5100 point-of-sale terminal combined with the secure Ingenico 3050 PIN pad is designed specifically for retail, restaurant and mail order/telephone order businesses.Receive consolidated funding and reporting for all Visa , MasterCard and Interac transactions. Decrease the amount of time you spend training your employees and maintaining your equipment. The Ingenico5100 application is built with an easy to use menu driven display. Its sure-loading printer technology enables your clerks to spend more time with the customers, and less time troubleshooting printerpaper jams.
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Ingenico 5100 & PIN Pad 3050
• Compact ergonomic design maximizes the use of your counterspace • Easy to read large backlit graphical display • Fast (15 lines/second)built-in printer virtually eliminates paper jams with an easy-loading mechanism • Simple-to-use design streamlines user training

• Secure tamper resistant construction helps preventunauthorized use, theft and fraud • Secure PIN pad meets all Visa, MasterCard and Interac security requirements

• Prints receipts and reports in both English and French • High-speed 32-bitprocessor and thermal printer moves customers through the payment process quickly • Unique software supports payment requirements for any retail, restaurant or mail order/telephone order environment • Fasttransmission speed reduces need for additional dedicated phone lines • Supports acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, Interac debit and Electronic Gift Cards through a single easy-to-use payment terminal...
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