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Earrings from Frankfurt

Jennifer: a nurse
Richard: Jennifer’s brother
Claire: a nurse, Jennifer’s friend.
Richard’s boss, Joe Kelly
The girl with the earrings, Richard’s girl friend,Wendy

At 8:30 on Thursday
Friday morning

At Maxim’s restaurant
Jenny’s home

She’s closing the surgery
Police investigate some stolen jewellery
PLOT:Chapter 1 (Lorena Molina)
Richard has lost his job and he is asking Jennifer for some money (£20). She gives him the money, but she wants it back next week. Then she’s in a hurry, because she’smeeting Claire for dinner.
At Maxim’s there’s a birthday party and a man suddenly falls dawn. He has blood on his face. Jennifer and Claire help him. They decide to take him to hospital in Claire’scar. But the man doesn’t want to, because he says he has some important business to do on the following days.
The police are at the restaurant. They are taking away the girl with the expensive earringsfrom the birthday party.
Chapter 2 (Lorena Molina)
Next day, Jennifer felt tired. It was a busy morning. She received a phone call from a friend of her brother called Wendy. When she went homeshe found two policemen waiting for her they wanted to ask her about her brother Richard and about she took to hospital the night before. That man was Mr. Joe Kelly, her brother’s boss.
Wendy andRichard went to Germany the last weekend and the police were looking for some stolen jewellery from Germany. They thought Mr. Kelly was responsible for that, because he was a criminal.
After that, the twopolicemen left and Jennifer phoned Richard, but there was no answer.

On Saturday morning, when Jennifer got home, a friend of her brother phoned her and asked to come up. When Jennifer saw her shediscovered that she was the girl from Maxim’s but without the gold ear-rings. She was Wendy, she also recognized her. She told Jennifer that Richard said that she could ask her for help. And she...
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