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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2010
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I like to look at him as an orchestra director, if you first think about it, it seems like the other musicians could go along without him, but if you take a closer look hemay not be making any noise. But he is, indeed the most important player in order to make the music. He is the icon that everyone follows, he is an example, maybe like thecaptains of a football team.

During the research I’ve made this last weeks I’ve come to realize the importance of Winston Churchill’s leadership. He realized that his role asprime minister was to maintain the people together. Motivation plays a really important role during wartime, it can make the difference between victory and defeat. Churchillknew that if he was not successful in doing so the war was to be lost in Europe.
* Made people trust him.
* He and the government itself mustbecome an icon, an example.
* We are in this together

* The French fall was a tremendous hit on the allies.

THIS IS OUR FINEST HOUR – Pre - Battle of Britain
*Churchill knew that Hitler was planning an invasion and he also knew the first months were going to be decisive for the outcome of the war.
* So he goes out, explains thesituation and motivates the people. The reaction of the people after the speech projected an emphasis on Brittan’s’ nationalism and commitment to support the war.
* Introabout what was happening.
THE FEW – Heroic pilots
* In the middle of the German bombing attacks he goes out to give this speech. The people are to cheer to the heroes thepilots.
* Royal Air Force fought fierce full and even though
* The worse of the Battle of Britain was to come so everybody was to be prepared for the attacks.