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New solutions for the food industry

The SKF brand now stands for more than ever before, and means more to you as a valued customer. While SKF maintains its leadership as the hallmark of quality bearings throughout the world, new dimensions in technical advances, product support and services have evolved SKF into a truly solutions-oriented supplier, creating greater value for customers. Thesesolutions encompass ways to bring greater productivity to customers, not only with breakthrough application-specific products, but also through leading-edge design simulation tools and consultancy services, plant asset efficiency maintenance programs, and the industry's most advanced supply management techniques. The SKF brand still stands for the very best in rolling bearings, but it now standsfor much more.

SKF - The knowledge engineering company.


The food industry has a new ally

Stop corrosion from eating away at your bottom line – with food grade housing units from SKF. Whether you are in the food or beverage processing, or in the pharmaceutical industry, corrosion is very often a problem. Corrosion can contaminate your product, harbour bacteria and erode the bottomline. But now there’s a cost-effective solution to this corrosion problem – It’s the new food-grade bearing unit with composite housing from SKF. The food and beverage processing industries have unique requirements. In some cases the product is acidic – as is the case for citrus processors. In other cases, the product is abrasive (biscuits and similar bakery products as example). In either cases,machinery is exposed to frequent high-pressure wash downs with caustic anti-bacterial cleansing agents. These frequent wash downs add water and cleaning solutions to the list of contaminants that cause rust and accelerate bearing failure. To virtually eliminate the problems of corrosion and premature bearing damage caused by frequent wash downs, SKF has developed a complete assortment of bearings andbearing units for the food and beverage processing industries. The bearings and bearing housings have been specifically designed for fast, easy wash downs. The housing's non-porous surface resists the accumulation of bacteria forming food particles, and the light grey colour of the housing makes visual inspection easy.


Stainless steel or coated bearings, the choice is yours
In someapplications, there is no choice, stainless steel bearings are the only option. In other applications, however, you have a choice between stainless steel bearings or the new SKF coated bearings. These bearings are equipped with a low friction multi-lip rubber seal that is bonded to a stainless steel core. The SKF multi-functional seal, which was first designed for agricultural applications, providessuperior protection against wash downs and solid contaminants.

Maintenance free and self-aligning
Whether you choose a stainless steel bearing or a coated bearing, each one is maintenance free and designed to be self-aligning to provide longer bearing service life. To accommodate misalignment, the concave bore of the housing is designed to accommodate the convex outside diameter of the bearing.This arrangement minimizes internal loads acting on the bearings that could be the result of installation errors. Maintenance-free means “fit and forget”. No more under-greasing or over-greasing the bearing. Each bearing is filled with an FDA approved food quality grease that will adequately lubricate the bearing under normal operating conditions. A) Insert bearing is pre-lubricated with an FDAapproved grease B) Low friction multi-lip seal, bonded to a stainless steel core C) Food compatible rubber D) Additional grease filling for better sealing performances E) Stainless steel balls (100Cr6 for coated) F) Convex outside diameter accommodates misalignment






High performance seal provides longer bearing service life
The seal used on the SKF food grade...
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