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  • Publicado : 27 de enero de 2011
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Aerodynamics + Low Weight + Safety =

Introducing the 2009: 2e

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to keep money in his pocket, instead of feeding a gas pump. The idea was simple yet brilliant. Design a vehicle that follows nature and glides through the wind instead of pushing it. Then, Steve met entrepreneur and boat builder Chris Anthony. Chris introduced Steveto a composite body system that enabled the vision to take shape. Together, Steve and Chris carried their dreams to Pasadena, Calif. and the doorsteps of new business incubator Idealab and it’s founder Bill Gross. Gross saw the vision and seeded the team with the investment needed to make a dream become a business. With hope in hand and the future in mind, Steve and Chris recruited a couple ofbright young engineers. The team brought form to philosophy and the result may very well be the most efficient production vehicle in the world - the Aptera 2e.

Frustrated by being land locked in a sea of steel and asphalt, our cofounder, Steve Fambro dreamed of cruising past traffic in a vehicle that was safe enough to protect his new family, yet efficient enough

Leading the Future

SteveP aul (CEO)


ere’s it Happening? Wh

As a company, Aptera draws its strength from its team. Carefully selected from across a number of production environments, the Aptera team is composed of respected automotive experts with more than 100 years of combined industry experience and accomplished executives from Southern California's high technology industries.

Fambro Factoid: 50% ofan avg car’s energy

is used pushing air out of the way at a rate of 55mph!

Development/Assembly Facility Vista, CA Home to our executive offices, design and vehicle manufacturing, this newly renovated facility is capable of an est. 20,000 units per year. The unique low capital production model incorporates the principles of synchronous flow to produce a high quality, repeatable product issure to delight consumers.

Loker Avenue Composite Plant Carlsbad, CA Our home away from home, the Loker Avenue Composite Facility is where we build our innovative resin-infused vehicle bodies. This facility shows the potential realized when we marry volume vehicle production with aircraft inspired composites.

1 | Intro Reality!
Fambro Factoid: With a low drag coefficient
of .15, theAptera 2e realizes less drag than Lance Armstrong on a ten speed!


Wide Athletic Stance Just like a linebacker poised for the blitz, the Aptera takes a wide, three-point stance that makes the vehicle very stable, yet very agile. Push on the throttle, turn the wheel and the Aptera’s neutral chassis carves through corners like it’s on rails. Butterfly-Style Doors Thebutterfly-style doors open upwards, not outwards. So no matter how tight your parking spot is, you’ll never have trouble opening the door wide enough to get out. Efficiency Meter The efficiency meter helps you keep track of the energy you’re using. It also aids in establishing bragging rights. Please use respectfully.

Easy-To-Use Instrument Panel Drive in comfort with your controls just a touch away.Placed just where you’d expect them, you can focus on the road instead of your dash.

Fluid Exterior Form Birds glide gracefully through the air, so why not expect your vehicle to do the same? Drawing inspiration from nature, the Aptera slips through the air instead of pushing it.

Smartphone Connectivity Time to put all those playlists to work. Simply plug ‘n’ play music through the audiosystem, and with the push of a button, switch over for that important incoming call.

2 | Key Features

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The Rest is in the Details
How About Some Features?
Interior Push button start Electronic shift PRNDL (shift controller) AM/FM/MP3/WMA with 5 speakers and MP3/Smart Phone connectivity S S S O S S S S S S S...
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