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  • Publicado : 1 de febrero de 2012
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Effects of reducing class size in my student life

In my 2nd and 3rd years of school, my classes were very big with 40 students but other classes hadhalf of that. I always remember how my academic situation changed when the principle decided to reduce class size. Reducing class size has extreme good changes onmy academic situation and my discipline.

In my 2nd year of school I was the worst student in the class. As all professors does not like undisciplinedstudents as a result they always took me out of class. Every Monday they called my mom for my bad discipline and my poor grades, so my mom every time was angrywith me. It was my student life in 2nd and 3rd year. All my classmates lodged when the teacher entered the class because I screamed “free hour”, so theprofessors was with bad mood.

When the 4th year started my daddy was very strict with me. He warned me if I did not improve my academic skill and mydiscipline he changes me the school. After that my father warned me and also the class reduce I change my attitude on my class and with the teachers, I improve my gradesand everything was different. I paid a lot of attention on classes and I was happy because the professors congratulated me, it was something that they neverdid with me.

Reducing class size is a good idea to change the academic situation to improve their grades. The best form to pay attention is studying insmall classes because you do not have many mates to talk and your should be paying attention on your class, so you understanding will be better than you think.
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