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Chapter 1. Welcome to InduSoft Web Studio
InduSoft Web Studio™ (or IWS) is a powerful, integrated tool that exploits key
features of Microsoft® Windows® NT/2000/XP and Windows® CE, and
enables you to build full-featured SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data
Acquisition) or HMI (Human-Machine Interface) applications for your
Industrial Automation business.
This InduSoft Web StudioGetting Started Guide is intended for individuals
using InduSoft Web Studio for the first time. This publication will help you
quickly familiarize yourself with the basic functions of InduSoft Web Studio.
InduSoft assumes you are familiar with the Windows NT/2000/XP
operating system. However, if you need assistance as you work, we
suggest using the Help feature on the Windows desktopStart menu.
This Getting Started guide is divided into the following chapters:
This chapter provides a brief overview of the InduSoft Web Studio
product, including its main features and system requirements.
Chapter 2, About this Publication: Provides information about this publication;
such as conventions used and related publications.
Chapter 3, Installing the Software: Explains how toinstall InduSoft Web Studio
and CEView on your system.
Chapter 4, Working with the IWS Interface: Describes all the elements of the IWS
development environment; including menubars, toolbars, dialogs,
buttons, menus, and so forth.
Chapter 5, Working with Tags: Describes the procedures for creating and
editing tags for the tags database; including a description of the proper
syntax, and tagtypes.
Chapter 6, Creating an IWS Application: Explains how to create and edit
applications, objects, screens, and drivers. Also explains the procedure
for testing your applications.
Chapter 7, Running the Web-Based Application: Explains how to start and run
your Web-based applications.
Chapter 8, Running Applications from a Remote Station: Explains how to run and
manage applicationsremotely.
Getting Started Guide Welcome to InduSoft Web Studio
Page 2 InduSoft Web Studio
About InduSoft Web Studio
InduSoft Web Studio applications consist of animated operator-interface
screens, communication drivers (for PLCs and I/O protocols such as
Modbus, DFS, Profibus, and so forth), tags database, and additional modules
such as alarm monitors, logic, trend charts, recipes, schedulers,and security
IWS applications interface with industrial I/O systems and other Windows
applications in the run-time environment using ODBC, DDE, NetDDE, OPC,
or TCP/IP protocols. You can also operate the application through a standard
Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape).
The product consists of two parts:
The development system software, which runs on a desktop, laptop, orindustrial PC running Windows NT/2000/XP.
The run-time system software, which runs on any operator interface
workstation running Windows NT/2000/XP or
Windows CE.
The run-time system software for the Windows CE operating system
(CEView) is usually pre-loaded on the HMI. If necessary, you can update
the CEView version of the development system software by downloading
the currentversion to the HMI or PDA.
You can run IWS applications on your development workstation or download
it to a run-time station (through a serial or TCP/IP connection) and run the
application using the IWS or CEView run-time software. The workstation
processes scan data from connected devices according to parameters defined
in the application and then react to, display, store, and upload the data.Welcome to InduSoft Web Studio Getting Started Guide
InduSoft Web Studio Page 3
Main Features
The InduSoft Web Studio product offers the following features and functions:
Integrated Windows development environment with toolbars, dialogs, and
– Shortcut menus, which can be accessed by right-clicking on any
area of the development environment (options vary according to
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