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Intel® vPro™ Processor Solution

SATA Solid-State Drives
THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INTEL CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION PROVIDED UNDER NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT OR THE INTEL® CHANNEL PARTNER PROGRAMTERMS AND CONDITIONS. All products and dates specified are preliminary based on current expectations and are subject to change without notice. Availability in different channels may vary.


Dear Intel® Channel Partner Program member,
Now is the best time to show your customers the importance of refreshing their PCs. You can help your customers reduce expenses and take fulladvantage of today’s advances. Create a ”buy now” desire with your customers who are hesitant to make the leap to purchase during economic uncertainty. Did you know that more than 37 percent of all notebooks and 60 percent of all desktops are greater than three years old? The yearly support cost of a PC rises by 50 percent between years three and four. Older PCs are not as effective in runningthe latest security software and technologies. This means there are significant opportunities for you in desktop, notebooks, and servers. Show your customers how they can get more performance and less wait time. Compared to a PC three or four years ago, a 2009 PC powered by an Intel® processor delivers up to twice the performance1 and twice the multitasking power1. Small businesses want an increasedlevel of security and today’s PCs give them the safety they need to run their business. Your customers also need to spend smart. This Q3 2009 Product Matrix has all the details about Intel’s newest products that will satisfy your clients' needs and increase the opportunities for you to grow your business.

Despite challenging economic conditions, there is an unprecedented opportunity torefresh older servers. The new Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series enables IT business value, and the results are dramatic—increased performance, improved energy efficiency, and adaptability to application workload translates to a faster return on your investment. Calculate your own potential savings by using the online Xeon estimator at

Refreshing PCs Makes GoodBusiness Sense
Spend Smart Do More Be More Secure

reduction in operational costs to maintain PCs2


Up to

faster multitasking3


Up to

On average

Solid-State Drives
Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs) represent a revolutionary breakthrough that delivers a giant leap in storage performance. Intel SSDs are designed to satisfy the most demanding gamers, mediacreators, and technology enthusiasts.
Fast Return on Investment

increase in yearly security incidents with a four-year-old PC2



With Intel® Core™2 Duo PCs as few as

Channel Resources
As a channel partner there are many valuable resources available to you so you can successfully sell more and grow your business. We are launching new collateral on the Intel® Reseller Centerfor you to use in your business. Check out the new Intel Inside® Track 2 ad templates, retail point of purchase merchandise, small and medium businesses brochures, as well as new content syndication and case studies. You can also earn Intel® Flex+ points for qualifying purchases. With your help, your customers can spend smart and do more, all while you grow your business. Thank you for all your...
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