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1. Refer to the exhibit. A new PC was deployed in the Sales network. It was given the host address of with a default gateway of192.168.10.17. The PC is not communicating with the network properly. What is the cause?
The address is in the wrong subnet. is the broadcast address for this subnet.
The default gatewayis incorrect.
The host address and default gateway are swapped.
2. Refer to the routing table shown in the exhibit. What is the meaning of the highlighted value 192?
It is the value assigned by theDijkstra algorithm that designates the number of hops in the network.
It is the value used by the DUAL algorithm to determine the bandwidth for the link.
It is the metric, which is cost.
It is theadministrative distance.

3. Refer to exhibit. Given the topology shown in the exhibit, what three commands are needed to configure EIGRP on the Paris router? (Choose three.)
Paris(config)# routereigrp 100
Paris(config)# router eigrp
Paris(config-router)# network
Paris(config-router)# network
Paris(config-router)# network
Paris(config-router)# network192.168.9.0

4. What are three features of CDP? (Choose three.)
tests Layer 2 connectivity
provides a layer of security
operates a OSI layers 2 and 3
enabled by default on each interface
usedfor debugging Layer 4 connectivity issues
provides information on directly connected devices that have CDP enabled
5. Refer to the exhibit. What two statements are true based on the output shown?(Choose two.)
the reported distance to network is 2172416 and are feasible successors
neighbors and have auto summary disabled.
router 3is load balancing traffic to the network across its serial interfaces.
all interfaces shown on Router3 are in the passive state and will not send EIGRP advertisements
6. Which of the...
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