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Test Plan


[Note: The following template is provided for use with the Rational Unified Process(. Text enclosed in square brackets and displayed in blue italics (style=InfoBlue) is included to provide guidance to the author and should be deleted before publishing the document. A paragraph entered following this style will automatically be set to normal (style=Body Text).][To customize automatic fields in Microsoft Word (which display a gray background when selected), select File>Properties and replace the Title, Subject and Company fields with the appropriate information for this document. After closing the dialog, automatic fields may be updated throughout the document by selecting Edit>Select All (or Ctrl-A) and pressing F9, or simply click on the field and pressF9. This must be done separately for Headers and Footers. Alt-F9 will toggle between displaying the field names and the field contents. See Word help for more information on working with fields.]

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 4
1.1 Purpose 4
1.2 Background 4
1.3 Scope 4
1.4 Project Identification 5

2. Requirements for Test 5

3. Test Strategy 5
3.1 Testing Types 5
3.1.1 Data and Database Integrity Testing 5
3.1.2 Function Testing 63.1.3 Business Cycle Testing 7
3.1.4 User Interface Testing 8
3.1.5 Performance Profiling 9
3.1.6 Load Testing 10
3.1.7 Stress Testing 11
3.1.8 Volume Testing 12
3.1.9 Security and Access Control Testing 13
3.1.10 Failover and Recovery Testing 14
3.1.11 Configuration Testing 16
3.1.12 Installation Testing 17
3.2 Tools18

4. Resources 19
4.1 Roles 19
4.2 System 20

5. Project Milestones 21

6. Deliverables 21
6.1 Test Model 21
6.2 Test Logs 21
6.3 Defect Reports 21

Appendix A Project Tasks 22

Test Plan


1 Purpose

This Test Plan document for the supports the following objectives:

• [Identify existing project information and the softwarecomponents that should be tested.

• List the recommended Requirements for Test (high level).

• Recommend and describe the testing strategies to be employed.

• Identify the required resources and provide an estimate of the test efforts.

• List the deliverable elements of the test project.]

2 Background

[Enter a brief description of the target-of-test (components,application, system, and so on) and its goals. Include information such as major functions and features, its architecture, and a brief history of the project. This section should only be about three to five paragraphs.]

3 Scope

[Describe the stages of testing(for example, Unit, Integration, or System(and the types of testing that will be addressed by this plan, such as Function or Performance.Provide a brief list of the target-of-test’s features and functions that will or will not be tested.

List any assumptions made during the development of this document that may impact the design, development or implementation of testing.

List any risks or contingencies that may affect the design, development or implementation of testing.

List any constraints that may affect...
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