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Don Bosco Foundation is located in the city of Cuernavaca Morelos has encountered a problem of guidance, information and readability as existing not connote the required message.Therefore, the lack of information is increasing for visitors and the community at large as these signs grow of appropriate criteria and of course we do not meet the minimum requirements of aprofessional design.


Designing a signaling system according to the architectural features of the site from an investigation to obtain the most representative of each areaand to integrate them into a signaling system.
That the signage elements that are used within the signaling system will automatically give the required information and that are achievingremarkable visual impact.
Dialogue that each of the signals provide the information quickly in a visual language instant and automatic with the help of typography, thus forming a complete messagerational.
For the project the institution was divided into 4 parts due to its size and complexity. Primary, Secondary, Preparatory and common areas. Our work was in high school, which hasvirtually its own building and common areas.
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Designing individual panels, a subdirectory of acomprehensive supplement to the individual panels of the institution of the system. Which in turn is integrated into the model of the entire institution signage coupling to primary and high school.Concluding with the installation of each.


Because it must comply with a graphics unit for the entire institution following the guideline of Elementary and Preparatorydesign and assemble a signaling system that solves the problem of guidance and information, according to the characteristics of the areas and adapting to architecture of the campus. Creating a harmonious...
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